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seasonal color palette

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fall/winter capsule wardrobe for boys

fall/winter capsule wardrobe for spud ~ part 1

In the spirit of Sewing Smarter, or perhaps wiser, I’ve been mulling over the concept of a capsule wardrobe for kids for several weeks. Unfortunately, online inspiration for a child’s capsule wardrobe is virtually nonexistent, particularly for boys. However, after

bittersweet nap


    This year I’ve taken great delight in all of the wee creatures we’ve found in our first-year hoop house. Last week, I discovered that several frogs (one of my favorites) had taken up residence there. All of the

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[almost] fall rhythm

  We’re still clinging to summer, even though there are undeniable signs that fall is nipping at our heels. In between a few trips to the Big City and new schedules for many of us, we’re trying to find the