seasonal color palette

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greenhouse cricket

it’s always something

A promising garden year has been mostly derailed by a group of relentless and increasingly belligerent deer who can’t seem to find food, except for where we have planted it. Despite our best efforts they have managed to destroy everything

sew smarter bobbins

sew smarter | get your bobbins under control

I constantly look for ways to be more efficient–both with my time and money–and sewing is no exception. The “Sew Smarter” series offers you quick tips for streamlining your sewing process.   Keeping your sewing bobbins under control can save

tractors (3)

tractor love

  When the highlight of a drive to town is counting tractors and your free play time involves “spreading manure” with your bike, sitting on any real live tractor you want and riding a pedal tractor through a hay bale maze