round-up: 5 free, printable embroidery stitch guides

5 free printable embroidery stitch guides by thimblenest on Polyvore Embroidery beginners and veterans alike can always use help learning new stitches or refreshing the memory on old ones. If you embroider on the go, it’s nice to have a small stitch guide handy. Here are five great embroidery stitch guides available online as pdfs. […]

pinch o’ green st. patrick’s day brooches: tutorial update (and expanded free embroidery pattern)

Valentine’s Day is old news; here comes St. Patrick’s Day! I’ve updated last year’s Pinch o’ Green Brooch tutorial with better photos and three sizes of embroidery designs. This quick DIY will make you immune to unwelcome pinches on March 17! The photo tutorial is thanks to the stellar app Steller. Take a flip through, then […]

finished embroidery: find the light

  I’ve finally finished my version of this month’s free embroidery pattern (read more about it’s inspiration here). Originally, I planned on stitching this entirely with white, but I ended up going for more of an ombre effect that was supposed to build up to the word “light”. It’s not apparent in the photos, but all […]

sewing tutorial: extend a pair of pants (for kids clothes week)

Kids Clothes Week is in full swing, and it’s looking like this will be my only finish. Truth be told, this project isn’t even a complete start-to-finish, but since the KCW theme this time around is “upcycle”, it fits right in Spud has two pairs of storebought “comfy pants” that are his absolute favorites. One […]

february free embroidery pattern preview

The next ThimbleNest newsletter arrives in inboxes on Sunday. I’m really excited about this month’s pattern and thought you’d like to see the inspiration (JJ Heller’s song, “This Year”) and process behind the final design. The preview is in the form of a Steller story; if you haven’t seen Steller yet, go take a look–lots […]

embroider smarter: test a color palette

I’m excited to post the first tip in a new series today: “Embroider Smarter”. Just like its sister series, “Sew Smarter,” these posts aim to give you tips and tricks that help you embroider more efficiently. Let’s get started! When I’m embroidering without a color guide or I’m just trying something on my own, I […]

another “cute apron” + mr. valentine

When my brother and I were kids, it was a fairly regular tradition for our dad to take us to the florist’s shop to pick out flowers for our mom around Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. At my favorite shop we would walk past already prepared arrangements to the back wall where we chose carnations […]

“a cute apron” (with vintage handkerchief pocket)

When Cowboy drew my sister-in-law’s name for the annual Christmas gift exchange and I examined her wish list, the words “a cute apron” jumped out at me. I can do cute aprons! The Pattern: Retro Aprons by Cindy Taylor Oates (affiliate link), View A Size: M The Fabric: Peacock by Allison Jane Smith/Windham Fabrics from a Purl […]

sew smarter: cardboard & cutting buttonholes

I’m always looking for ways to be more efficient in all areas of my life and sewing is no exception. The“Sew Smarter” series offers you quick tips for streamlining your sewing process. As you’ve already read, I save the cardboard from any storebought trims that I use up. I keep one handy by my sewing machine; then, […]

thread theory jutland pants for cowboy

    A recurring theme with Cowboy’s clothes is that they don’t stand up to what he puts them through. As consumers often notice, clothing brands that were traditionally high-quality and long-lasting seem to lose something over time; seemingly overnight, things that used to last for years barely make it through one. And most frustratingly, as […]

sew smarter: reuse cardboard from sewing trims

I’m always looking for ways to be more efficient in all areas of my life and sewing is no exception. The“Sew Smarter” series offers you quick tips for streamlining your sewing process. For most of my childhood, my mom sewed in what was meant to be our just-under-1000 square feet-house’s linen closet. She is naturally gifted […]

mccall’s 6613 | a plaid flannel shirt for cowboy

Cowboy can never have too many shirts. As his “good” shirts wear out or develop deformities, they get demoted to work shirts. We beef up his work shirt stash with two or three trips to the thrift stores each year, leaving me some time to sew him more good shirts. So, for Christmas it was time to […]

Happy New Year! (and a favor?)

  Image source Happy New Year! I hope you all had a blessed 2014–I’m looking forward to a great 2015! I sent out a survey to my newsletter subscribers this morning that I know will give me some direction as make plans for 2015. If you’re not yet a newsletter subscriber, but you’re interested in […]

knit fabric onesie + denim overalls

  And Christmas Gift #1 is complete! I’m not even going to say how many more makes are on my list because it’s a little ridiculous. I sewed a long-sleeve onesie and overalls for my youngest niece; she is about 3 months old, but needs clothes for when she’s older, so hopefully these will fit […]

my first renfrew

I’m always behind the times when it comes to sewing patterns, but at long last I’ve made a Renfrew! I think I first heard of Sewaholic Patterns through Amy of Sew Well, and once I saw the cowl neck option on the Renfrew, I knew I wanted to make it. I finally got my opportunity […]

bread bag tutorial + free embroidery pattern!

My Christmas workshop is usually overly ambitious, and it’s no different this year. So many projects, so little time. Often I have several “optional” projects in the mix, but every item on the list this year is firmly camped in the “have-to” column. First up was a work staff Christmas gift exchange with the designation […]

boy’s fall capsule wardrobe update + free freezer stencil download

When I first decided that Spud needed a capsule wardrobe (Part 1 & Part 2) for fall, I knew it would take some time to pull it together—especially if most of it was handmade. With this update I’m checking two categories off the list.   Comfy Pants Pattern: Burda 9672 Fabric: Sweatshirt Fleece from Fabric […]

kcw fall 2014 ~ a richard scarry pickle car shirt

  I think I only actually managed one straight hour of sewing on one day for Fall Kids Clothes Week, but it was that one hour that brought me from one completed item to two. Everything else was done in five or ten minute spurts here and there throughout the week and that’s just how […]

sew smarter: wall rack for cutting mats & rulers

I’m always looking for ways to be more efficient in all areas of my life and sewing is no exception. The “Sew Smarter” series offers you quick tips for streamlining your sewing process. Recently, in one of the bursts of decluttering and reorganizing that are typical for our family (typical, in that one area gets finished, […]

comox trunks ~ take 1

  I finally snagged these out of the clean laundry basket so I could take pictures. They’re my first try at a pair of Comox Trunks for Cowboy. He’s been patiently waiting for these since early summer, but I finally gathered up my courage a few weeks back and sewed a pair. Something about sewing […]