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sunny day shorts school bus ts kcw summer 2014 (5) (1)

kids clothes week ~ summer 2014

    This was my most productive Kids Clothes Week ever. Both of my little boys were in desperate need of shorts and t-shirts, so that was my one and only focus—ironically I did most of my sewing during a


two weeks without water: a little house education

  My default pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps mentality is very much rooted in my childhood readings of the Little House books. Usually, whenever I face some difficulty or hear about some modern “problem” bordering on the ridiculous, I think, “What would Ma (or Pa

vintage map puzzle wall art title

hang a vintage map puzzle on the wall for less than $5

I have a thing for maps, hence, my boys have a thing for maps. I don’t have so much of a thing for Modge Podge or using puzzles as art, but the three came together in a way that makes