seasonal color palette

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pickle car school bus t-shirt

kcw fall 2014 ~ a richard scarry pickle car shirt

  I think I only actually managed one straight hour of sewing on one day for Fall Kids Clothes Week, but it was that one hour that brought me from one completed item to two. Everything else was done in

sew smarter cutting mat rack

sew smarter: wall rack for cutting mats & rulers

I’m always looking for ways to be more efficient in all areas of my life and sewing is no exception. The “Sew Smarter” series offers you quick tips for streamlining your sewing process. Recently, in one of the bursts of decluttering

comox trunks (3)

comox trunks ~ take 1

  I finally snagged these out of the clean laundry basket so I could take pictures. They’re my first try at a pair of Comox Trunks for Cowboy. He’s been patiently waiting for these since early summer, but I finally