kcw spring 2014 wrap-up | an outfit for weatherboy

weather tie outfit 1

As ususally happens, I bit off more than I could chew during the latest round of KCW. After finishing a quick t-shirt, my plans for a weather-themed Easter shirt and tie for Spud slowly ground to a halt for a variety of reasons. I have persevered, however, and Spud (aka Weatherboy) is now the proud owner of a new button up shirt and a “weather” tie.

dress shirt 1

The shirt is a lightweight cotton shirting made from vintage Simplicity pattern. Getting it to all come together and look presentable was nothing short of a miracle. I used this pattern because it was the only one I had (at the time) in a size 5. It has several flaws (some pattern-related, some seamstress-related) that annoy me, but it works.

embroidered tie 2

Originally I wanted to embroider the tie with something like those science diagrams you see about types of clouds. I decided to go with something a little simpler because I wasn’t sure all of the cloud types would fit in with the taper of the tie. After a few tries at getting my weather motifs “just right”, Spud got involved and showed me how he wanted them arranged, and thus, the final result. I wouldn’t have chosen two suns, but since he designed it himself, that makes it all the more likely that he will wear it often. I also made up a plain tie before the embroidered one to test out my fabric, so he has a more “subdued” back-up if he wants.

I used stretch twill for the tie, which negated the need for interfacing. It made the hand sewing a little tougher, but it’s a nice crisp tie.  The Purl Bee tutorial was perfect–I can’t wait to make more of these!

weather tie outfit 3

Be sure to come back on Wednesday–I’ll be posting a tutorial on how to embroider the tie, as well as offering a free pdf download of the weather motifs I designed for this project. See you then!