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I constantly look for ways to be more efficient–both with my time and money–and sewing is no exception. The “Sew Smarter” series offers you quick tips for streamlining your sewing process.

hold elastic in place (2) text

After buying these double prong hair clips to make some little rosebud hair clips for my niece, I had several left over. Since then, I’ve discovered they work wonders for all kinds of sewing tasks.

hold elastic in place

Lately, I’ve been working with a lot of elastic waistbands and found that these clips keep the tail end of the elastic from slipping inside the waistband before the two ends get sewed together. They clamp down nice and firm and are great for holding several thicknesses of fabric together as well.

Have you ever used hair clips while sewing? How do you “Sew Smarter”?