weather station title

Since taking Lori Pickert’s inaugural Project-based Homeschooling Master Class last summer, Spud and I have been trying to find our learning groove. The boy has numerous interests, and although we don’t have an official “project” yet, I’ve been doing my best to support him in learning about what catches his eye.

I suppose his interest in weather started when I let him check the weather on my phone. Probably it continued as an excuse to be able to use the phone, but now it’s grown into something more. And, he comes by the interest honestly–his Papa (my dad) is well-known for his dedicated checks of the weather forecasts online and on TV.

When Spud ran across The Ben Franklin Book of Easy & Incredible Science Experiments on the bookshelf and discovered there was an entire section on building a weather station, there was no turning back. I get to listen to detailed reports on current temperatures, weather forecasts, humidity, tropical storms, etc. multiple times a day.

He has constructed the entire setup from the book (minus the rain gauge–still looking for the right supplies) just outside our front door.

Here’s a peek:

weather vane and barometer

A barometer measures whether pressure is raising or decreasing–higher pressure usually means that better weather is on the way.


The anemometer measures wind speed.


And, a hygrometer measures the amount of moisture (humidity) in the air.

weather chart

Using an example from the book for inspiration, Spud created a daily chart to track each day’s weather.

It’s been fun watching Spud learn so much about weather. So much so that his interest has inspired me to design a little surprise for him that I hope to complete during  Kid’s Clothes Week which begins this coming Monday!

Resources (a few places Spud has gotten weather info)


Weather Smart Forecasting & Weather Instruments

Magic School Bus: Inside a Hurricane

National Audubon Society First Field Guide: Weather


The Kids’ Book of Weather Forecasting

The Ben Franklin Book of Easy & Incredible Science Experiments

Downloads & Websites:

Pioneer Woman Homeschooling–Free Cloud Types Download

Weather Underground

Yahoo Weather