working man’s t-shirt (customized liesl + co metro t)

metro sleeveleess mock ts collage

The colors in these photos are off–actually the shirts should be olive green, dark teal, and maroon!

One of my favorite things about sewing is being able to solve problems for my loved ones by using my sewing machine. Cowboy, who builds things for a living, often asks me to “fabricate” something for him when it can’t be found elsewhere.

pocketed mock-t (liesl + co metro t) (2)

Summer can be miserable for a welder. Mix heat, safety gear, and coveralls, and you can see why every layer counts. For this project, Cowboy had three requests.

We usually buy Cowboy’s work t-shirts at the thrift store since they get trashed with sparks and grease, but t-shirts with pockets are hard to come by, and Cowboy loves himself a t-shirt with a pocket.

The second modification Cowboy requested was a mock-t; that may seem strange in summer’s heat, but a mock-t protects his neck from the “sunburn” caused by his welder and allows him to keep the front of his coveralls open for better airflow.

Finally, these shirts needed be sleeveless–again, less fabric = less heat and better airflow. He didn’t even want the armholes finished, so I left them raw!

I’m sure these customizations aren’t quite what Liesl envisioned when she designed the Metro T-shirt, but it worked well for our needs.

If you happen to have a guy who likes pockets on his t-shirts, click here for the two pocket patterns I drafted (pointed and square) for this project–it’s a free pdf download.

The photo below shows the dimensions I used for positioning the pocket.

pocketed mock-t (liesl + co metro t) pocket alignment

Not a particularly stylish project, but definitely a practical one, and often, those are the kind I like best.


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